1007 Baku Azadlig ave 64/1, 2nd Floor, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 (12) 440-0192
Telefax: +994 (12) 440-0193
E-mail: office@lion-a.com
Website: www.lion-a.com


  • Repair and maintenance of the floating cranes, machinery and power plants for oil shelves and platforms

  • Repair of diesel generators for power stations DG72 type from 1000KWt and supply of parts

  • Repair and servicing of КЭГ12-518, КЭГ 63-028 cranes and supply of parts

  • Repair and maintenance of small and middle tonnage vessels

  • Repair of ship main and auxiliary engines, including repair of turbochargers and the fuel equipment

  • Repair of ship hulls

  • Repair of propeller shafts and stern tube devices, propellers, steering nozzles, thrusters and azimuth prop-steering units

  • Repair of boilers and steam lines

  • Repair a high pressure capacities and armatures

  • Repair of auxiliary mechanisms and units: pumps, compressors, hydraulics and pneumatic power systems equipments, with their executive mechanisms

  • Repair of the equipment on prevention of pollution from ships, such as: incinerators, installations for sewage water biological processing treatment, bilge water separators and other filtering equipments

  • Repair of electric networks and systems, electro-distributing boards and the starting equipments;

  • Repair of electric machines and transformers with capacity more than 500 kW

  • Repair of all types of the ship electric equipment

  • Repair of ships and boats built from any materials

  • Inspection and testing of fire-fighting equipment

  • Maintenance and cleaning of tanks from oil residue

  • Cleaning of fresh water tanks

  • Conducting of testing

  • Exchange of pyrotechnics

  • Delivery of fuel and fresh water to the vessel

  • Delivery of necessary ZIP and materials

  • Transportation to neutral water

  • Purchasing and selling of marine equipments and materials