1007 Baku Azadlig ave 64/1, 2nd Floor, Azerbaijan
Phone: +994 (12) 440-0192
Telefax: +994 (12) 440-0193
E-mail: office@lion-a.com
Website: www.lion-a.com
About Us



The main type of activity of the company – repair of sea-going  and river vessels and floating crafts of any category of complexity, including dock repair, maintenance and reclassification; converting of vessels for towing without crew and their prepare.

Many years of experience operating in Azerbaijan and CIA have earned Lion-A a strong reputation as a successful ship repair business. Due to expanding of the business new Lion-A branch has been opened in Sevastopol, major Black Sea merchant port of Ukraine, giving Lion-A considerably wider business opportunities in both Caspian Sea and Black Sea regions.